Annual production scale

Cosmetics grad sodiumHyalurona
Eye drops grade sodiumHyalurona
Injection grade sodiumHyalurona
Food grade sodiumHyalurona

Shan dong liyoung biotechnology co.,Ltd.

Production and R & D

The production equipment of li young has passed various certification, and is in the leading level in technology and quality.


The company has automatic control fermentation equipment,and all equipment materials are stainless steel 316 and304.The inner wall is multi-mirror polishing. The equipment can ensure the product cleanliness meets the GMP requirements. In the process of the whole production, the material liquid is not exposed to the external contact, so that it can better ensure the product quality. The alcohol recovery system has adopted the advanced double-effect treatment system with the aim of energy saving and environmental protection.


The company has a professional R& D innovation team,adhering to high standards, as well as high requirements,to create the benchmar kindus try. The company has ISO9001 quality system certification, KOSHER certification,HAL AL HAL AL cer tification, eu organic cer tification, the use of advanced extraction technology, especially the use of international leading membrane filtration technology and perfect detection means, to ensure that each batch of products to achieve high quality, high purity, high clarity.


Shan dong li young biotechnology co.,Ltd. is equipped with technical personnel with professional qualification and rich experience in product R & D, material management, production management, quality control and other key positions. Its core team has more than 20 years of experience in hyaluronic acid industry. The company's management concept keeps pace with the times, develops ideas, is determined to forge ahead, the production process is mature and stable, and the quality control is strict and efficient.


Shan dong li young biotechnology co.,Ltd. takes the severe control of the process of product research and development. The corporate sets rich professional training for employees,does regular maintenance to the facility equipment,and does patrol check. According to the industry standard for environmental monitoring, the company regularly assesses the clean area environment by full-time staff monthly (settlement bacteria, microbes, suspended particle surface),and hires a third-party agency to monitor and confirm, in order that they can ensure the health of operator, standard operation, product storage and transportation management have a sound quality monitoring. liyoung Biology focuses on the career of human beauty and health, strives for survival by quality, seeks development by innovation and wins the world by reputation. The footprints of liyoung products are throughout the home and abroad , such as Europe and the United States and other countries , winning widespread praise and good comment.


The main product of liyoung company, sodium hyaluronate raw materials, has been widely used in beauty, health care, medical, food, textile and other industries and fields. The world is far_reaching , so is the pursue. In the future, Li Young will build up a more expanded world by limitless exploration and creativity , struggling without limit for human's beauty and health career.