Agricultural Grade Gamma Polyglutamic Acid (γ-PGA)

Specification : 10%,25%,65% content
Gamma-poly-glutamic acid (γ-PGA) is a polymer of the amino acid glutamic acid (GA). PGA has high water absorbability, which can increase the water content of soil at depths between 0 and 20cm by 1.5-2.8%, and at soil depths between 20 and 40 cm by 1-1.5%, thus giving higher resistance to drought.

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1, γ -polyglutamic acid γ-PGA Hydrogel and γ-PGA super hydrophilic and water retention capacity
When flooding in the soil, it will form a layer of film on the surface of the root hair of the plant, which not only has the function of protecting the root hair, but also is the best transport platform for soil nutrients, water and root hair close contact, which can effectively improve the dissolution, storage, transport and absorption of fertilizer. Prevent sulfate, phosphoric acid, oxalate and metal elements precipitation, so that crops can more effectively absorb phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and trace elements in the soil. Promote the development of crop root system and strengthen disease resistance.
2. γ -polyglutamic acid γ-PGA Hydrogel and γ-PGA balance soil ph value
It has excellent buffering ability to acid and alkali, which can effectively balance the ph value of soil and avoid the acid soil caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers.
3. γ -polyglutamic acid γ-PGA Hydrogel and γ-PGA can combine to precipitate toxic heavy metals
It has excellent chelating effect on Pb+2, Cu+2, Cd+2, Cr+3, Al+3, As+4 and other toxic heavy metals.
4. γ -polyglutamic acid γ-PGA Hydrogel and γ-PGA can enhance plant resistance to disease and stress
The integration of plant nutrients and water in the soil enhances resistance to symptoms caused by soil-borne plant pathogens.
5. Promote production increase
Can make tea, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products rapidly increase production, increase yield up to 10-20%.

6.Hydroscopic property
Lots of side chain carboxyl group,forming hydrogen bond in and out molecule, and enhancing hydroscopicity and moisture retention
7.Hydrolysis property
Hydrolysis to Glutamic acid; Avirulent and harmless
pollution-free to the environment; Green Macromolecule
Gamma PGA is widely used in cosmetic, environment protection,pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and desertification control. Benefits:
9、Improve the nutrient deficiency Symptom
10、Promote Fruit Formation, improve the sugar degree, increase its yield and promote crop earlier yield;3、Improve crop's Resistibility, it can enhance crop's resistibility to cold, drought, and lodging;
11、It can efficiently improve fruit coloring, increase its brix, improve the quality and taste, and prolong shelflife. Application Scope:
All crops such as wheat, corn,peanut, vegetable, fruiter, flower, etc. Different Usages of PGA in Agriculture
13. PGA Sole as Fertilizer
1)Improving the utilization of chemical fertilizer 2) Enriching nutrients
3)Promoting root development and protein synthesis In conclusion: increase productivity, improve quality 2. PGA Compound Fertilizer 1)Biodegrading of PGA gradually
2)Releasing the sequestrated fertilizers gradually 3) Supplying nutrients persistently
In conclusion: prolonged and controlled release





Off-white to light-brown powder

Assay (Na+-PGA)


pH (10% solution)

4.0 ~ 8.5

Loss on Drying


Total amount of organic matters


Total Nitrogen

5.0 ~ 15.0

Heavy metals(total as Pb, mg/kg)

10 max.







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